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Foothill Trunk Sewer Replacement Project

SPMUD is proposing to replace an existing sewer trunk line between El Don Drive and a perpendicular sewer line west of Aguilar Road (about 2,300 feet of trunk line would be replaced). The proposed pipeline would provide the same service as the existing trunk line, except that it would accommodate more flow by having a larger diameter (24 inches instead of 12 inches). The increase in flow capacity is designed to accommodate existing and planned development in the service area.


Originally, SPMUD anticipated construction of this project in FY 2015/16, as the additional capacity was required to accommodate flows from another subsequent project, the Loomis Diversion Trunk Sewer.  However, the Foothill Truck was delayed due to environmental and cultural constraints.  As the two construction project schedules started to overlap, SPMUD decided to go forward with the Loomis Diversion Project in advance of the Foothill project and take advantage of any lessons learned during construction.  As a consequence of the changes in project timing, SPMUD has been required to modify operations and monitor flows to prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows from the existing sewer planned for replacement with the Foothill Trunk Sewer Replacement Project.

The construction of the Foothill Trunk Sewer Replacement Project was again budgeted in FY2016/17, but the project was further delayed because of permitting by the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).  Coordination between USACE, the California State Historical Preservation office (SHPO) and the United Auburn Indian Council (UAIC) further delayed permitting on the project.  The project was again budgeted for FY 2017/18 but was postponed due to project changes on the Loomis Diversion Trunk Sewer that was currently under construction.  Construction of the Loomis Diversion Trunk Sewer was not completed until FY 2018/19.  At this point, the Foothill Trunk Sewer Replacement Project had been pushed out of its construction season (April – Oct) and it was decided to wait until Spring of 2020 to start construction.

All required permits by USACE and SHPO have been acquired.  The project will be sent for bidding in October 2019 and constructed during the Spring and Summer of 2020 with anticipated completion in early FY 2020/21.


Final Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Foothill Trunk Replacement Project.