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Service Area Map

The map below provides interactive, easy-to-use information about the District’s facilities. To enable Ward boundaries, use the Layer List icon in the left hand navigation and select SPMUD Wards.



WARD 1: West Central area of the City of Rocklin lying East of Highway 65; including the Blue Oaks Town Center, the Sunset Whitney Recreation Area, the West Oaks, portions of Stanford Ranch, Fairway Heights (north of Sunset), Parker Whitney, and Mission Hills neighborhoods.

WARD 2: Northwest area of the City of Rocklin, East of Highway 65, directly South of the Town of Lincoln; including William Jessup University, Whitney High School, Whitney Ranch, and portions of the Whitney Oaks neighborhood.

WARD 3: Southeast area of the City of Rocklin, South area of the Town of Loomis (east of I-80), and the Rodgersdale area of Granite Bay; including Sierra College, the Crossings Shopping Center, Southside Ranch, Sierra de Montserrat, and the Woodside neighborhoods.

WARD 4: Central area of the City of Rocklin and a portion of the Western area of the Town of Loomis; including Rocklin High School, Twin Oaks Park, Sunrise Loomis Park, Clover Valley, and portions of the Stanford Ranch neighborhoods.

WARD 5: Central area of the City of Rocklin, Central area of the Town of Loomis, the community of Penryn, and the community of Newcastle along the Interstate 80 corridor; including the downtown areas of Rocklin and Loomis, the Quarry District, Johnson-Springview Park, Del Oro High School, Fairway Heights (south of Sunset), Yankee Hill, and Lemos Ranch neighborhoods.



California Special District Associaton - Special District Map Project (shows all the special districts throughout California)



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