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Start or Stop Service

Starting/Stopping Service

Sewer service accounts shall remain in the name of and be the sole responsibility of the real property owner. The real property owner shall remain liable for the monthly service charge (billed quarterly) as long as the building sewer is connected to the public sewer system, regardless of vacancy. Pursuant to the District’s ordinance, Sewer service accounts are not permitted to be billed to a tenant or put in a tenant’s name.

Sewer service is not disconnected or “shut off” but merely transfers with a change in ownership. It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify the District upon transfer of legal ownership. Service transfers are effective with the recording of the deed with the County.

Upon transfer of ownership, all unpaid sewer service charges will remain with the property that received the service and therefore become the responsibility of the new owner of record.

SPMUD Sewer Use Ordinance No. 09-02, Section 3 – Charges and Fees:

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12811.1 of the Public Utilities Code, the owner of record of real property within the District is required to pay the fees, tolls, rates, rentals, or other charges for services rendered to a lessee, tenant, or other occupant of the property and those fees, tolls, rates, rentals and other charges that have become delinquent together with interest and penalties thereon, will constitute a lien on the property when a certificate is filed in the Office of the County Recorder and such lien has the force, effect, and priority of a judgment lien.

Additionally, commercial property owners are required to notify the district of any change in use or tenant occupancy.

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