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Rates, Fees and Billing Cycle

Sewer Service Charge

The current monthly service charge is $36 per month per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) which is the typical volume & strength of wastewater generated by a single-family home.  The District is currently in process of undergoing a Cost of Service Study for Wastewater Rates and Participation Fees.  Find more information regarding the process and how the public can participate

The monthly sewer service charge is established and enacted by the District’s Board of Directors and billed on a quarterly basis in accordance with the following schedules:

SPMUD Quarterly Billing Cycles 

Cycle 1 (95677 zip code area )

Customers in the 95677 zip code area receive their quarterly billing: 07/01 - 10/01 - 01/01 - 04/01

  • Billing Date: January 1, Date of Service: October 1 through December 31.
  • Billing Date: April 1, Date of Service: January 1 through March 31.
  • Billing Date: July 1, Date of Service: April 1 through June 30.
  • Billing Date: October 1, Date of Service: July 1 through September 30.

Cycle 2 (95765 zip code)

Customers in the 95765 zip code area receive their quarterly billing: 02/01 – 05/01 – 08/01 – 11/01

  • Billing Date: February 1, Date of Service: November 1 through January 31.
  • Billing Date: May 1, Date of Service: February 1 through April 30.
  • Billing Date: August 1, Date of Service: May 1 through July 31.
  • Billing Date: November 1, Date of Service: August 1 through October 31.

Cycle 3 (95650, 95746, 95663, 95658 zip code)

Customers in the 95650, 95746, 95663, 95658 zip code areas receive their quarterly billing: 03/01 – 06/01 – 09/01 – 12/01

  • Billing Date: March 1, Date of Service: December 1 through February 28 (29).
  • Billing Date: June 1, Date of Service: March 1 through May 31.
  • Billing Date: September 1, Date of Service: June 1 through August 31.
  • Billing Date: December 1, Date of Service: September 1 through November 30.

You can view your statements, set up your account to make online payments, or if you prefer not to register your account you can make a Quick Payment here

Past Due Utility Payments

Utility accounts that have a past due balance will be assessed a late fee in the amount of $7.50 per EDU/per Quarterly Billing.  Late fees will appear on the next quarterly bill following the late occurrence.  Late fees are used to recover administrative costs incurred as a result of late payments and fund the District's Low-income Lifeline (LIL) Program.

Example for a single-family residential property (1 EDU):

  Previous Balance= $108.00

+ Late Fees= $7.50 (assessed by quarter $2.50 x 3 months)

   -> Past Due Amount= $115.50

+ Current Sewer Charge = $108.00

  -> Amount Due = $223.50

Lifeline Low-Income Rate Assistance Program

SPMUD offers a Low-Income Lifeline (LIL) Rate Assistance Program for qualifying eligible property owners.  (Eligibility is based upon ownership of the property and proof of participation in the PG&E CARE Program.)  This program offers a $5 per month reduction in sewer service charges.  You may download the Application Form here: Low-Income Lifeline Rate Assistance Program application.  The program is limited by Ordinance #17-04 to the first 500 customers. 

State of California Low Income Household Water Assistance Program 

LIHWAP provides one-time payments to low-income households that are eligible for assistance. 
Households that qualify for LIHWAP could reduce their water or wastewater charges, by up to $2,000. Contact your local LIHWAP service provider to learn more about how to apply by visiting

LIHWAP Program Flyer

 Expansion of the LIHWAP Program (March 15, 2023)

District Fee Schedule

SPMUD FY22/23 Fee Schedule - Adopted by Resolution #22-22 effective July 1, 2022SPMUD FY21/22 Fee Schedule - Adopted by Resolution #21-19, effective July 1, 2021


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12811.1 of the Public Utilities Code, the owner of record of real property within the District is required to pay the fees, tolls, rates, rentals, or other charges for services rendered to a lessee, tenant, or other occupants of the property and those fees, tolls, rates, rentals and other charges that have become delinquent together with interest and penalties thereon, will constitute a lien on the property when a certificate is filed in the Office of the County Recorder and such lien has the force, effect, and priority of a judgment lien.


Ordinance 17-02 Monthly Service Charges effective July 1, 2018

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