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Sewer Improvement Projects

 Click Here to View a Current Map of Sewer Improvement Projects

Sewer Improvement Projects SPMUD is committed to ensuring the community is informed and engaged prior to and during the work associated with each of its projects. SPMUD will utilize a number of communication tools to provide timely notifications about construction activities and potential impacts. Information will be shared through some or all of the following methods;

  • direct mail,
  • hand-delivered mail to targeted contacts,
  • regular email notifications,
  • social media, and
  • project website updates.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any SPMUD project you can contact Carie Huff, District Engineer at (916) 786-8555 ext. 321.

 Del Rio Court and Delmar Sewer Extension

This expansion project consists of the construction of approximately 3,300 feet of 15-inch sewer line.  In addition, there will be stubs for two future development projects on Delmar Avenue. 

Preliminary Engineering for the Cameo Court Lift Station Abandonment

The District’s System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan (SECAP) identifies the Cameo Trunk Line as a future trunk sewer that would eliminate the Cameo Court Lift Station.  Construction of the Cameo Trunk Line will connect across Stanford Ranch Road to the City of Roseville’s sewer system.  Downstream improvements to Roseville’s system are anticipated and coordination and approval from the City of Roseville is required.

Preliminary Engineering for the Sierra College Trunk

The District’s System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan (SECAP) identifies the Sierra College Trunk Line as a future trunk sewer that would eliminate the Sierra College Lift Station.  The project requires significant coordination with Sierra College and construction is not anticipated for several years.  However, there have been several developer inquiries about the properties along the west side of Sierra College Boulevard where the future alignment would traverse.  Preliminary engineering to analyze the potential alignments and determine the most feasible alternative will allow District staff to condition future development projects to acquire easements for the eventual design and construction.

Taylor Road Crossing

There is an existing sewer crossing on Taylor Road in Newcastle (near the Portuguese Hall) that is threaded through the existing storm drain pipe.  The District will be constructing a new crossing of approximately 125 feet with minimum separation from the existing storm drain and removing the existing sewer pipe from the storm drain. 

Jack in the Box Sewer Replacement Project

The Jack in the Box Sewer Replacement Project is located between the Comfort Inn and Suites and the food service establishments along Rocklin Road.  The District currently operates two lines in parallel and one of the lines requires high-frequency maintenance due to the pipe material (ACP) and the flat slope.  The District proposes to eliminate the existing ACP lines, remove and replace the existing 8-inch sewer line, and reconnect the existing customers.  

Weed Spraying

SPMUD conducts ongoing annual weed abatement as necessary to ensure access to sewer facilities.  SPMUD typically conducts weed abatement in the spring.  All easement right-of-ways are mowed, followed by an application of pesticides which eradicates the growth of weeds as well as prevents future weed growth. If you have any questions regarding the Easement Maintenance and Weed Spraying Programs please contact Field Services Supervisor, Chad Stites at 916-786-8555, or


Construction bid opportunities are shown below. All bids are in chronological order based on the bid opening date. Vendors must register with Public Purchase to view and download bid notices, documents and related addenda which will affect their ability to respond. Click for instructions on how to register your company with Public Purchase. Click to login to Public Purchase. If you need any assistance with this process please contact Public Purchase at or use their Live Chat during business hours. Live Chat can be found in the upper left corner of the Public Purchase website.

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