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Tenant Improvement Plan Check Process

To begin the process, the following items must be completed and submitted to the District.

  1. Pay tenant improvement processing fee by mail or by calling (916) 786-8555 (Visa or Mastercard accepted). 
    Reference the fee schedule below for current fees.
  2. Submit the following items in the PDF file format via e-mail at
    a. Cover sheet
    b. Floor plans with dimensions
    c. All plumbing plans including fixture schedule
    d. Declaration of Density Form
    e. Tenant Improvement Conditions of Approval Form
    f. FOG Permit Application Form (required for Food Service Establishments)

Additional fees due (if any) will be determined after the above submittals have been reviewed and shall be due prior to plan approval.

May contain: plumbing
Fee Schedule FY23/24Fee Schedule FY24/25

District Standard Specifications and Improvement Standards for Sanitary Sewers

SPMUD Sewer Code Full Version

Sewer Code: Chapter 3 – Fats, Oils & Grease


To contact a District representative regarding the plan check process, complete and submit the form below

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