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Water Professionals Appreciation Week is October 7th to the 15th

The South Placer Municipal Utility District Celebrates Water Agency Staff During California’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week!

As part of California’s seventh annual Water Professionals Appreciation Week, the South Placer Municipal Utility District is proud to take a moment to highlight the essential role of water and wastewater professionals and local public agencies in providing water and wastewater services.

We appreciate the dedication of our highly trained operators, technicians, and other specialists who have continued to make sure our community has safe and reliable wastewater services. 

Be sure to check our website for more information on our amazing staff, the essential role they play, and how you might join us or consider a job in California’s wastewater industry. There are so many careers in water and wastewater that support the communities throughout California, including district managers, customer service representatives, treatment plant operators, and engineers to name a few.  The South Placer Municipal Utility District is proud of our local staff and water and wastewater professionals throughout the state for making a difference in their community.

If you see South Placer Municipal Utility workers out and about this week, be sure you say “thank you” for ensuring our community has amazing wastewater services.


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