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District Topographical Map

The South Placer Municipal Utility District was formed and organized under the Municipal Utility District Act (or “MUD Act”) of the State of California (California Public Utilities Code Section 11501 et seq.).  The MUD Act established a “from-district” electoral system, in which a Director must be a resident and voter of the ward they represent but is elected at large by all voters of the District.  This is considered to be a hybrid electoral system, between an at-large system and a by-district system.

Following the release of the 2020 Census results and prior to the next General Election in 2022, the District intends to transition to by-district elections, in which the elected official must reside in a particular district (ward) and be elected by only those voters residing within the same district (ward).  The District will seek community input during this process and will work with specialized electoral consultants in the mapping of the new electoral divisions in compliance with the Federal Voting Rights Act and the California Voting Rights Act.  This webpage will be updated as this process is underway to reflect the District’s progress.


November 4, 2021Adopt Resolution of Intent - Public Hearing #1
December 2, 2021Public Engagement Workshop - Public Hearing #2
January 6, 2022Public Engagement Workshop - Public Hearing #3 (6 PM)
February 3, 2022Map Approval & Introduction of Ordinance - Public Hearing #4
March 3, 2022Second Reading and Adoption of the Ordinance and Final Map

 Documents & Links

Resolution of Intent to Transition from at-Large from-District Elections to by-District Elections December 2, 2021 Redistricting Insights Board PresentationSPMUD Redistricting Proposal 2 SPMUD Redistricting Proposal 4Ordinance 22-01 Transitioning from At-Large/From-District Elections to By-District/From-District Elections and Re-Establishing District Ward Boundaries

 Link to Interactive Redistricting Maps

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