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Governance of the District

The South Placer Municipal Utility District is a California Special District formed in 1956 under the Municipal Utility District (MUD) Act.

The MUD Act is codified in the California Public Utilities Code §11501 et seq.

Municipal Utility Districts can be formed to manage and supply light, water, power, heat, transportation, garbage, sewage, and communication services.  They can be formed in unincorporated territories or where two or more incorporated areas require service.   Districts are formed when a resolution or petition to provide service is provided to the County Board of Supervisors and an election is held within the proposed District.  

The South Placer Municipal Utility District is governed by a five-member board that is elected to four-year terms.  Each Board Member represents one of the five District wards, and they must reside in the ward and be elected by only the voters who reside within that same ward. 


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