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5-Year Financial Plan and Cost Service Study


FY2023/24 to FY2027-28 Cost of Service Study


The top priority of the District is to provide a level of service that meets state and federal regulatory requirements, and the demands and expectations of its customers. The long-term goal of the 5-year Financial Plan is to develop a utility system that is stable, requiring limited increases in the cost of services, minimizing those increases that are required, and providing sufficient revenues to cover necessary operations and maintenance programs, capital investment, and reserves to meet the utility’s stated needs.

Because the District’s customers bear the ultimate cost of service, there exists a need to have a financial plan that will permit the utility to meet its priorities at an affordable and stable cost for the long term. To this end, the District operates under the Municipal Utility District Act and is set up as an enterprise fund to operate very much like a business. Sewer customers are not subsidized by the General Fund taxpayers of any local government and must be individually self-sustaining.


As an enterprise, the utility must derive its own revenues and use those revenues to fund operations, capital, debt, and reserves to meet customer and regulatory demands as well as the need for capital funding to pay for new infrastructure, system expansions, renewal, and replacement of existing facilities, as well as to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and compliance requirements.

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