Current District Projects


Project Overview

SPMUD is constructing a sewer pipeline within the Town of Loomis.  The pipeline will divert flow from an existing 10-inch sewer pipeline that was constructed when SPMUD was founded in 1958.  The existing 10-inch pipeline can no longer accommodate the required flow.  The construction of the new sewer pipeline has been anticipated by SPMUD since the 1980’s and completion of the project will ensure adequate capacity to convey wastewater flows.  SPMUD and the Town of Loomis have cooperatively worked on the planning and implementation of this project since 2014.

Project Highlights

Approximately 1.4 miles of new 15-inch and 18-inch pipe will be installed, from the existing sewer line at the southern end of Dias Lane to the sewer line located north of the Raley’s on Horseshoe Bar Road.  The sewer line will be constructed along Brace Road and Betty Lane.  The project also includes two trenchless (i.e., jack and bore) crossings; one under Horseshoe Bar Road and the other beneath Interstate 80.

Project Funding

The project will be paid for by SPMUD and is funded by the participation fees collected from new connections and will not affect monthly sewer rates.

What to Expect

SPMUD has planned the project and is working with the contractor to minimize potential impacts on residents and customers.  Construction activities can create temporary inconveniences which may include temporary road closures, traffic delays, and construction noise.  Customers will be notified by the contractor before work begins near their home or business.

Status Update

As of late June 2018, the contractor, T&S Construction Inc., has finished installing approximately 5,000 feet of pipeline within Dias Lane, Betty Lane, and across the undeveloped property south of Horseshoe Bar Road.  The contractor has also, completed the two jack and bore crossings for the project; one beneath Horseshoe Bar Road and the other beneath Interstate-80.

Work will begin preparing for excavation and pipe installation through portions of hard rock encountered in the proposed alignment in Brace Road in early July.  The work in Brace Road will require road closures to safely and efficiently complete the pipe installation.  Please be advised, plan ahead and expect delays.  Signage will be placed along the road to communicate the timing of road closures and to direct traffic via detours around the area.

Use the link below to a map of the planned detours around the work site:

Brace Road Closure Detour Map

Pipeline installation is also underway on the undeveloped property north of Horseshoe Bar Road near the on/off ramp of Interstate 80.

The map below shows the alignment of the pipeline and where construction activities are currently taking place.


Questions Regarding this Project

SPMUD Project Manager – Eric Nielsen Phone:  (916) 786-8555 extension 310 Email: