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Use our Online Payment site: Where you can view your billing statements, set-up your online account, make an online payment and store your payment information for future payments. If you prefer not to register your account you can make a quick payment. This is the perfect solution if you have rental properties, and want your tenant to make a payment online. Make a payment here

SPMUD Quarterly Billing Cycles

Green* Cycle 1 – Customers in the 95677 zip code area – are on the standard quarterly billing cycle 01/01/17, 04/01/17, 07/01/17, 10/01/17.

Purple** Cycle 2 - Customers in the 95765 zip code area - are billed quarterly on 02/01/17, 05/01/17, 08/01/17, 11/01/17.

Blue*** Cycle 3 – Customers in the 95650, 95746, 95663, 95658 zip code areas - are billed on 03/01/17, 06/01/17, 09/01/17, 12/01/17.

NOTICE regarding Past Due Utility Payments

In October the SPMUD Board adopted a Delinquent Bills (Past Due) Policy.  Since all customers share in the cost of delinquent accounts, those who don’t pay on time have an impact on everyone. This policy will therefore benefit our customers who pay on time since revenues from late fees will be used to recover costs incurred by late payments.

Beginning January 1, 2017 any utility account that has a past due balance will be assessed a late fee in the amount of $2.50 per EDU/per month (EDU stands for an Equivalent Dwelling Unit which is the typical volume & strength of wastewater generated by a single family home).  Late fees will appear on the next quarterly bill following the late occurrence.

Example for a single family residential property (1 EDU):

Previous Balance                            = $84.00

Late Fees                                          = $7.50 ($2.50 assessed for each month past due)

Past Due Amount                        = $91.50

Current Sewer Charge                    = $84.00

Amount Due                                 = $175.50