District Rates & Fees

Sewer Service Charge

A monthly sewer service charge is established and enacted by the District’s Board of Directors Ordinance 17-02 and billed on a quarterly basis in accordance with the following schedules:

Cycle 1     

Billing Date – 95677 zip code              Dates of Service

January 1                                                        October through December

April 1                                                              January through March

July 1                                                               April through June

October 1                                                        July through September


Cycle 2

Billing Date – 95765 zip code              Dates of Service

February 1                                                      November through January

May 1                                                              February through April

August 1                                                         May through July

November 1                                                   August through October


Cycle 3

Billing Date - 95650,95746                 Dates of Service

95663,95658 zip code

March 1                                                           December through February

June 1                                                              March through May

September 1                                                   June through August

December 1                                                    September through November


NOTICE regarding Past Due Utility Payments

In October 2016 the SPMUD Board adopted a Delinquent Bills (Past Due) Policy.  Since all customers share in the cost of delinquent accounts, those who don’t pay on time have an impact on everyone. This policy will therefore benefit our customers who pay on time since revenues from late fees will be used to recover costs incurred by late payments.

Beginning January 1, 2017 any utility account that has a past due balance will be assessed a late fee in the amount of $7.50 per EDU/per Quarterly Billing (EDU stands for an Equivalent Dwelling Unit which is the typical volume & strength of wastewater generated by a single family home).  Late fees will appear on the next quarterly bill following the late occurrence.

Example for a single family residential property (1 EDU):

Previous Balance                            = $84.00

Late Fees                                          = $7.50 (assessed by quarter $2.50 x 3 months)

Past Due Amount                        = $91.50

Current Sewer Charge                    = $84.00

Amount Due                                 = $175.50


District Fee Schedule

SPMUD Fee Schedule – effective 07/01/18

Scheduled Fee Increases:

Implementation Date Sept. 1, 2017 July 1, 2018 July 1, 2019
Monthly Service Charge ($/EDU) $31.00 $34.00 $36.00


All District customers should note the following, In accordance with SPMUD Sewer Use Ordinance No. 09-02, Section 3 – Charges and Fees:

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 12811.1 of the Public Utilities Code, the owner of record of real property within the District is required to pay the fees, tolls, rates, rentals, or other charges for services rendered to a lessee, tenant, or other occupant of the property and those fees, tolls, rates, rentals and other charges that have become delinquent together with interest and penalties thereon, will constitute a lien on the property when a certificate is filed in the Office of the County Recorder and such lien has the force, effect, and priority of a judgment lien.


Ordinance 17-02

Monthly Sewer Service Charges effective 09/01/17