Customer vs. SPMUD Responsibilities


SPMUD Facilities

The District owns, and is responsible for the public sewer system, those pipes that serve more than one customer, the manholes and lift station facilities in its service area. These facilities are typically located within the street or other public right-of-way.

Property Owner Facilities

The property owner owns, and is responsible for: the building drain pipes and the building sewer, which is comprised of the Upper and Lower Laterals.

Service Provided by SPMUD

Please remember to call SPMUD first if you have a sewer problem.

(916) 786-8555 24 hours a day/7 days a week

As a service to our customers the District will determine what the problem is, where it is located and let you know whose responsibility it is to correct.

Sewer Overflows

For health and safety reasons, if the overflow is within the home or any occupied area, the owner may wish to vacate the premises or affected area pending appropriate clean-up. In the event the District is found to be responsible it will reimburse the occupant/owner for any of its legal obligations involving clean-up costs, repairs and necessary extra expenses.

NOTE: If the blockage is within the District owned facilities, but is the result of actions by the owner/occupant, the District will clear the blockage through cleanouts but assume no responsibility or expense related to clean-up or repairs. This situation could normally be brought about by the improper introduction into the sewer pipe of grease and/or other substances, or from roots damaging the pipe. Except for clearing the stoppage, the District will treat this as if the stoppage were in the property owner facilities.